Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Donnie Smith Show and Swap Part 2: Show Bikes

There were a few bikes that caught my eye at the show. First up is a compact little drag ironhead sportster sporting dual DC linkert carbs. The guy had a neat little display and I've heard he plans to race it on the vintage drag circuit:

The following bike was in the "pro" builder class, which was generally filled with the worst bikes ever. This bike stone cold rules though, a fully kitted-out late shovel FXRT! So sweet.

The next few bikes are all diggers. I love the digger style, always have, and am building a digger for Born Free 4. These three are all classic Donnie Smith diggers. This first one is a simple ironhead digger, a classy machine:

This next digger is a nice machine, it had a great paintjob with intricate pinstriping by local legend Dave Bell (known for being the cartoonist for early Street Chopper mags. What a great stance!

This last bike stopped me in my tracks. Donnie built this bike back in the digger heyday and it looks as good now as it did then. I had the man himself pose with this beautiful machine:

That was it! New Kevin, Hot Bobby and Speedclub all had neat bikes in the show, but whatever, they are friends of mine so I see them all the time. Congrats to Hot Bobby, whose fresh panhead build won best chopper--of course, no pic of it. . .

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