Wednesday, May 30, 2012

(close to) Final Mockup of BF4 Bike

This past Monday, I ended a pretty much non-stop 4-day marathon of fab work to get my Born Free bike close to the finish line. I still have to fab up handlebars, metal finish a bunch of parts, get stuff chromed and polished, build the top end of my motor and rebuild the transmission--but compared to where I was a week ago, it seems like a real short list to me. My very good friend Pretty Ricky Brandt has saved my ass by doing a ton of machine work for me that I either don't have the time, ability or equipment to do. My friend Chris Lampman has been helping me with some general fab work and welding, he is so great to work with, he's one of maybe three people in my personal circle I would trust to make something that I would just slap on my bike and run without worrying. I dropped the frame off at my friend Andy Bebe's place, he is molding the frame/tank/fender for me before I ship it out to Harpoon for paint. Thank you Andy. So, here it is. I probably won't post anything else on it until after the show. I love it!


  1. Very cool. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

  2. you go shiny diamond! fucking sweet.